Monday, 2 January 2012

F is for Finales

And who does them best? Dolce and Gabbana of course! I am forever scrolling through show images to find the final shot, the group finale with every girl stomping it out. For me Dolce and Gabbannas pieces are the most wearable, while remaining very high fashion. The trend of each show is obvious because of the repeated print and colour and the finales help to emphasise this. From leopard print to stars, you can't escape and D&G trend! These are four of my favourtie finales from the brand.

While the brand still has a final piece, the most spectacular of their current collection, this is the best way to create the effect desired, setting the mood of the entire season. S/S or A/W, the models are never seen without a pout, especially my girl Karly. I think my next post might just start with a K...

F is for the First post

...and for fashion. Obviously. And as the blog title implies, fashion and style are something very important to me. Until you scroll the web for fashion blogs, you're almost unaware of how important it is for other people too. Millions of others, blogging away, sharing what they love with the world, whether its street style, couture fashion, style help or trends hot from vogue's mouth. And now, Im joining them.

Vogues main trend is something very close to my heart. Sparkle and shine, especially in the Christmas period, works on everybody and everything and, while I choose not to overload myself with too much shine, some designers manage to drown models in glitter and still pull off effortless chic. One of my favourite shows for autumn/winter 2011-12 was D&G. Taking the literal meaning of shine with andrgynous blazers and party dress dripping in sequins but adding a star print to nearly every outfit, the show rocked. 

 I love the lace/print contrast on the corset, so much that  purchased Topshop's own take on this beautiful piece. 
 This coat makes me weak at the knee's. Party chic for day or night t its very best.
 Another beautiful coat, but my eyes are drawn to that clutch. Like a magpie drawn to jewels....mmmm.
I love the contrast between the cooler-than-cool coat and look-at-me leggings. 

To feed the glitter fetish, I treated myself to another pair of brogues fr....sorry I was distracted by sparkles...from River Island.